Steris Blackbox

STERIS, a global leader in decontamination and infection control, has launched BlackBox™, a compact device designed to aid manual reprocessing of endoscopes between patients. This cost effective system offers sterile service managers an easy way to standardise reprocessing procedures, providing on-screen instructions to guide the user through the manual steps of leak testing, washing, rinsing, disinfecting and purging endoscopes.

BlackBox can be used as a stand-alone option to assist manual reprocessing, or used prior to automated reprocessing to detect blockages in the internal channels of an endoscope, and is designed for safe use with detergents, disinfectants, water and alcohol suitable for use with endoscopes. BlackBox is equipped with a printer to record the reprocessing steps performed on each endoscope, providing an audit trail to simplify regulatory compliance, and has four easy-access ports for straightforward connection of the endoscope during manual processing. Individual reprocessing steps can be selected and programmed according to either the manufacturer guidelines or local procedures using the intuitive touch screen interface, ensuring that BlackBox fits with your existing workflow and regulatory requirements.

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Steris - Blackbox

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Jan 2009

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